On-site security for construction sites, trailers, & new home builders.

Protect your construction site & keep track of your model homes!

Our Advanced Cellular System was built from the ground up to include advanced features a traditional alarm can’t offer. It takes advantage of a powerful control panel you can access from any web browser or mobile device to let you manage multiple employees, contractors and visitors. Our Advanced Cellular system allows you to keep track of ALL activity at your job sites — not just entries and exits, but every door, gate, garage and window. You’ll soon be tracking which model homes get the most foot traffic, and when workers arrive and leave the construction site. Best of all you can do it all — even arm and disarm the system — remotely through any web-connected computer or mobile device. You can also get text messages sent straight to your cell phone for notification of any system activity, or view daily reports at home from your computer.

Alarm Security’s Builder Program: Offer the BEST to your prospective homebuyers!

One of the best ways to secure your model homes is by adding Alarm Security’s state-of-the-art system to it! It is also a fantastic way to show off the technology to prospective home buyers. Alarm Security’s interactive monitoring functionality is a feature sought after by discriminating homeowners, and can be an added selling point for your sales staff.

  • Alarm Security offers the most professional and comprehensive hardwire and wireless security system solutions in the industry. We have superior sales, training, quality installation and reliable service of security systems, advanced cellular (smart phone) , and on-line video surveillance packages.
  • 24/7 alarm system monitoring with fire detector and smoke sensor capability make Alarm Security systems an ideal addition to new homes. Home security is also a great selling point for new homeowners, by increasing the value of the home, benefit of saving on homeowner’s insurance, and marketing your product as secure and protected.
+View Production Benefits

  • Alarm Security’s Technicians, who have been background checked, drug tested, and extensively trained on the installation of home security products.
  • On-time installations that accommodate your production schedule.
  • Having a complex pre-wired home security system from Alarm Security simplifies the home-buyer’s tasks after the home purchase closing, and maximizes builder profits as a complete contractor and general.
  • Highly-trained low-voltage sales consultants and knowledgeable security technician team high-end, false alarm proof securiy systems can be combined with DVR camera system installation among other systems.
  • Professional installation along with the option of the latest interactive security and modern technology, assures home-buying customers that you are a premier builder.

+View Financial Benefits

  • Increase profit per home through security system option sales.
  • Operational savings as a result of professional on-time installations.
  • Reduced administrative expenses through streamlined and clear invoicing from a single provider.
  • A proven return on investment (ROI).

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