Web Control

Break Free from your Keypad

Controlling your security system from a standard wall-mounted keypad can be a thing of the past. Once you log on to Alarm Security’s customer log-in portal, you will feel right at home with the easy to use interface. That’s right; it’s easier and does a whole lot more because you control it right from your web browser. Alarm Security makes controlling your home security as easy as surfing the web.

You will be Alarmed at how easy it is.

You probably already use a computer to manage your bank account or to check the latest news. Alarm Security Web Control makes it just as easy to protect the place that matters most to you. The website control panel was designed so that you won’t ever need to bother with the manual that came with your security system. The first time you use Alarm Security’s system, you’ll be astonished by how much control you really have!

Stay Connected – EVERYWHERE!

Because Alarm Security’s Web Control works with just a web browser, you’ll have total control over your home security system from any web-enabled computer or mobile device. Check on your home while on vacation, arm or disarm the system remotely from the office, and send commands to your security system right from your cell phone.

Control & Monitor – Remotely

  • Arm and disarm your security system from any computer.
  • View updated status reports and recent sensor activity.
  • Monitor everyday activities, not just alarms.
  • Add and manage multiple users — including the housekeeper, dog walker, babysitter, etc.
  • Set up schedules and reminders to arm and disarm your system.
  • Search activity history as far back as 60 days.

Advanced Exclusive Features

  • Customize notifications and alerts for any activity, and have them sent to anyone in your online address book.
  • Watch live video feeds and recorded clips from your installed security cameras.
  • Create website logins for multiple users and decide how much access to give them.
  • Name your sensors so that they match your unique lifestyle.
  • Keep track of important system events including power outages and floods
  • And much more!

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